Whether you are perfecting your everyday look or preparing your flawless bridal makeup, you are sure to want your makeup to look as smooth and natural as possible. Getting a picture-perfect finish that looks as natural in real life as it does in photographs is tricky to master but is a great skill to have. It is not just the professionals who can create natural-looking makeup with perfect coverage though; you too can get perfect results. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you get that flawless finish.

Preparing your skin is an important step when you are applying makeup. Gently cleansing the skin before applying makeup will remove dirt and oils that can lead to imperfections, leaving you with clearer skin that is therefore softer. A gentle exfoliator every few days will also remove dead skin and keep the surface of your skin smooth, which will help the overall look once your makeup is applied and reduce the chances of your makeup collecting in rough areas, which can appear ‘caked’.

After cleansing your skin, and especially after exfoliating, remember to moisturize to keep your skin supple. It prevents your skin drying out and tightening, which can both cause rough patches and areas where makeup can collect. While overnight you may prefer a richer, thicker moisturizer, before applying makeup it is better to choose a lightweight formula which your skin will absorb easily. This prevents surface residue which can mean makeup does not sit well on the skin.

Because powder foundations can emphasize any skin texture, I prefer liquid foundations over powder foundations. I apply the foundation using a brush. I tap it onto my skin with a tap motion. This will smoothen the foundation and prevent streaks.

For a seamless look, blend concealer and mascara

For seamless concealer application, I prefer to use a damp sponge. A dry sponge can cause streaks by pulling at the foundation underneath and dragging the makeup around. For a better product blend, you can use a damp sponge to apply the product to your skin.

Use cream products for a smooth makeup finish

Cream blush and cream bronzer are great for creating a flawless finish. Cream products provide a smoother finish that can be easily built up.

Finish your Makeup with a Setting spray

A setting spray can be used to finish your makeup and give it a smooth look. This will help your makeup to melt together and remove any cakey or powdery look. This step was something I used to skim, but it has been very helpful.

Final thoughts: Tips for smooth makeup application

This concludes my smooth makeup tutorial. My name is Niara Alexis. You can find me on Instagram, YouTube and YouTube under this handle. Thank you so much for watching and I look forward to seeing you in my next video.